The state of chronic depression bought on by Christmas, the holiday hype, retail fights in shopping malls and that bloody keyboardist playing full volume elevator style Christmas Carols for eight hours straight. Joy to the World, and if my *insert relative here* does not shut up I am going to stab her with this tinsel, etc. etc.


Abbreviation for: Instant Evil Jihad Support Group. Refers to people prepared to respond to irrationally angry posts and leave comments in your support when you are pissed off with people in the real world. Essential for enacting emergency vengeance with minimal emo anguish.


1. When you want to go orienteering but end up driving around for an hour aimlessly and going home because you can’t find the orienteering.

2. When you protest against feminism at a golf course, and then get used as a protest against a sexist golf tour.

Ah, the irony...


“Just another frigging athlete.”
Auckland adventure race competitor. Require specifically modified instructions for training regimes. EG: “do not head to a cafe between disciplines”


mountain push biking

The art of pushing one’s mountain bike uphill, downhill, on flat ground, on rough ground, in fact on any terrain in a vain attempt to complete a course. Most commonly seen during ARC Events.


pro·sa·ic (pr-zk)

Antidepressive drug for writers. Absolutely vital for sport journalists wanting to write about anything other than winning, rugby or cricket in a New Zealand paper…


Stupid, but has been done before. “He had an appreciation for the rediculous.”


Referring to something that is stupid and yet, unoriginal. “This is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of.”- Clarkey, accurately describing DarwinDating.Com, a site by superficial beautiful people for superficial beautiful people.


Someone who is happy for other people to be bicurious, but doesn’t need to experience it themselves.


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This site is blowing my mind! Where did all this madness come from cuz that’s where I want to go! Yes!

Comment by I. Cant

I LOVE it vishy, never knew this was here but it is hillarious and wonderfully heartening!x

Comment by scubanurse

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